Views of Vancouver is dedicated to promoting Vancouver, protecting and enhancing its reputation as a world-class city

Vancouver is world renowned as one of the most beautiful and desirable cities on the planet, but its reputation is threatened as the city is facing unprecedented challenges to its livability due to poor city management.

Crime, drug addiction and homelessness continue to soar and have altered entire neighborhoods beyond recognition. The future of public safety, affordability, and our quality of life in Vancouver have become uncertain.

Views of Vancouver is a platform to engage with citizens and promote dialogue around these important issues. We believe in Vancouver but also believe our local politicians need to be held to account to ensure they represent the best interests of Vancouver and the people who want to live here. We believe it is important to promote the great things about our community and keep Vancouverites up-to-date on important issues.

Together, we can make a difference. Join our movement to help our city to continue to be a vibrant and interesting place to live, work, explore and bring up our families!